Foot and Ankle

Hecht_Foot_56570427 copyThe average person walks more than 100,000 miles in a lifetime. To walk this distance over the course of a lifetime a person’s feet must be strong and stable. With the constant impact of walking and running, it’s not surprising that the feet and ankles are some of the most frequently injured areas of the human body. Ankle and foot pain are very common.

At some time in your life, you may experience heel, ankle or foot pain. Fortunately, over 95% of all ankle and foot pain will heal itself over time. This section provides information to help understand the basic anatomy of the foot and ankle and the fastest and most effective methods of reducing ankle and foot pain.

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Foot and Ankle Treatments


Hecht_Foot_452657221 copyWhy Dr. Joseph Hecht?

Dr. Hecht is board certified in orthopedic surgery, providing expert knowledge and expertise in the area of foot and ankle conditions, preservation and treatment options.  As one of the top Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland foot and ankle surgeons, Dr. Hecht brings years of valuable experience to every assessment.