Foot Fusion

Surgical techniques for fusion in the foot often include plates, screws or bone staples and positioning of this hardware is done with x-ray control driven surgery.  Post-op fixation and protected weight bearing devices are used until the fusion has solidified.

Deformity or arthritic damage to bones in the hind foot or mid foot can lead to disabling pain and difficulty walking or wearing shoes.  If the diagnosis and x-ray or MRI image confirm the diagnosis , surgical fusion or combining one or several bones into a joined union can alleviate pain and improve walking ability as well as improving shoe wear.


Hecht_Foot_452657221 copyWhy Dr. Joseph Hecht?

Dr. Hecht is board certified in orthopedic surgery, providing expert knowledge and expertise in the area of foot and ankle conditions, preservation and treatment options.  As one of the top Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland foot and ankle surgeons, Dr. Hecht brings years of valuable experience to every assessment.