Bursitis of the Hiphip-bursitis

Bursitis of the hip is an inflammation of the trochanteric bursa, the fluid-filled sac that lies between the femur and the iliotibial band, which is the thick wide tendon on the outside of the hip joint.

Symptoms of bursitis include pain and swelling on the outer side of the hip which may radiate down the thigh, as well as limping and stiffness in the hip joint.

Bursitis can be caused by a number of things, including stress from running on slanted surfaces, an injury to the hip or tightness of the iliotibial band. If one leg is shorter than the other, it may place pressure and friction on the bursa causing inflammation.


The symptoms of hip bursitis may include the inability to move freely without pain, joint stiffness, pain on the outsisde of the hip and swelling in the hip tissue.


Dr. Hecht, a top Northwest Indiana, University of Chicago Medical Center trained hip surgeon, performs a thorough examination to evaluate and determine the extent of your condition and conducts a complete review of your medical history. He may also choose to utilize diagnostic tools, such as an MRI, X-ray or CT scan to confirm the extent of your condition


The main goal of treating bursitis of the hip is to improve your mobility and lifestyle. Reaching this goal includes improving the function of the hip through controlling pain. Dr. Hecht’s treatment plans can involve rest routines, use of a cane to take weight off the affected hip, nondrug pain relieve techniques to control pain, losing excess weight, exercise, over-the-counter medications to control pain, surgical intervention and rehabilitation.

Surgical intervention is infrequently used for cases of trochanteric bursitis.

Why Dr. Joseph Hecht?

Dr. Hecht is board certified in orthopedic surgery, providing expert knowledge and expertise in the area of hip conditions and treatment options.  As one of the top Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland hip surgeons, Dr. Hecht brings years of valuable experience to every hip assessment.