Biceps Tendon Repairbiceps-tendon-surgery

The biceps muscle is the large muscle in the front of the upper arm. It is attached by a strong tendon at the top in the shoulder and below at the elbow. When a tendon is worn and prone to injury, a very intense contraction of the biceps muscle can cause this tendon to rupture and detach. Since the muscle can no longer pull on the bone, certain movements may be weakened.

There are two types of biceps tendon ruptures, proximal and distal. With a proximal biceps tendon rupture, the injury is to the biceps tendon at the shoulder joint. This “wear and tear” injury is most common in patients over 60 years and often causes minimal symptoms.

The distal biceps tendon is an injury to the elbow joint. Seen more often in middle-aged men, it can be the result of heavy lifting or sport injuries. An MRI may be ordered by the physician to confirm the findings.

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